We specialize in creating e-communications for small and midsize businesses.

For many small and midsize companies, effective email marketing is a challenge. Establishing clear, reasonable goals. Developing mobile-friendly templates. Creating compelling content. Maintaining a clean contact list. Following best practices.

We have mastered the art and science of email marketing. Whether you want inquiries, registrations, donations, in-store traffic or simply to keep top of mind with your customers and prospects, we make it happen.

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“Since 2007 CC Marketing has been one of our top-performing partners. Their responsiveness and attention to detail remain unmatched, consistently meeting our exacting standards. They often act on strict time constraints, doing whatever it takes to meet deadlines. The company has often ‘course corrected’ on a moment’s notice with the utmost of professionalism. Of paramount importance: CC Marketing is led by a truly experienced professional who surrounds herself with a solid team of doers. Cathy and her team take Customer Experience to a new level.”

“The CC team is very easy to work with and very customer-centric. They have been extremely helpful in developing our email campaigns, and they are very interested in making improvements.”

“Since CC Marketing and Communications started our monthly email campaign, our phones continue to ring more and more. We are bringing in new clients and also expanding services to existing clients. After just one meeting, Cathy took what she learned about our business and they’ve created the campaigns ever since. I wish I had met her years ago.”

“The digital email marketing program run by Cathy has been the single most effective marketing initiative we currently have in place at Liquid Capital. On a regular basis, our Franchisees across Canada and the U.S. comment on the amount of interest they receive from their contacts/referral sources immediately after receiving their monthly email. Cathy is an expert in digital marketing and I can always count on her to deliver high quality output that will drive results.”

“If you are looking for a strategist and highly-effective communicator, CC Marketing is the right place. We were in need of quality work as it relates to internal and external communications and brand awareness to our employees, our community, prospective hires and patient families. From the start Cathy was able to quickly understand our needs and provide recommendations with a timely response to our communication challenges.”

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If you value sharing ideas and keeping in close contact with your target audience but don’t have the time or ability to accomplish this on your own, we can help.

Since 2003 CC Marketing and Communications has helped small and midsize businesses turn transactions into ongoing relationships. Meaningful, memorable communications are key to establishing and maintaining a connection.

If you’d like to explore how we can help you generate more email opens and clicks, let’s talk!

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